IPSA World Congress - Brisbane 2018

SOG will organize 9 panels during the IPSA World Congress in Brisbane (21-26 July 2018).

At this year’s IPSA World Congress, SOG will organise and host 9 panels, the themes address key issues of contemporary research and practice in the study of structure and organisation of governments. They include panels on civil service systems and on policy advisers, on executive politics and collaboration, on public management reforms, and on regulatory governance.

We wish all participants an intriguing conference - thanks again to the many panel organisers, paper presenters and discussants!

Please do check the final programme at the IPSA website (especially time and venue of each panel). The SOG panels are:

  1. “Comparative Civil Service Systems and Service Delivery: Size, Quality and Beyond” (chairs: Prof. Frits van der Meer & Prof. Caspar F. Van Den Berg)
  2. “Political staff at the borders of the political and administrative world” (chairs: Prof. Anne Tiernan & Dr. Maria Maley)
  3. “Executive Politics and Governance” (chair: Prof. Brian Head)
  4. “Organizing for Collaborative Government: Coordination, Capacity and Legitimacy” (chair: Prof. Tom Christensen & Prof. Per Lægreid)
  5. “Public Management Reform Models: Flawed or the Future?” (chairs: Prof. John Halligan & Prof. Robert Gregory)
  6. “Regulation and Development” (chairs: Prof. Martin Lodge & Prof. Philippe Bezes)
  7. “The Politics of Regulation in the 21st Century” (chair: Prof. Martin Lodge)
  8. “Research Agenda for Public Policy (chair: Prof. B. Guy Peters)