SOG research committee has successful meeting at IPSA World Congress

The IPSA Research Committee on Structure and Organization of Government (SOG) held ten panels during the 23rd IPSA World Congress 2014 that took place in Montreal, Québec, Canada on 19-24 July. These panels entailed various themes such like Administrators at the Top (Recruitment Patterns, Career Paths, Role Perceptions and Politicization of Senior Bureaucrats); Organizing for Internal Security and Crisis Management; Analysing International Transfers from the Inside: Public Administration Reforms in Post-communist Europe; The Reciprocal Influence of Policies and Administrative Networks; The Moral and Ethical Implications of Accountability: Theory and Practice; The Politics of Selection at the Top of Ministerial Bureaucracies; Local Institutions and Participation in Urban Settings; The Study of the Structure of Government: A Field in Search of a New Agenda?; The Effects of Delegation on Bureaucratic Influence over Policy-making. See details about all panels here. Around sixty participants including chairs, paper givers and discussants, presented their on-going work and communications. The event took place in the Palais des Congrès of Montreal in the City Center and a SOG diner was organized on 22 July.